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Praise for Dr. Schacter's Workshops
on Effective Instruction

"Dr. Schacter's workshops with our 400 administrators on coaching and effective teaching
were the highest rated professional development in our district in years."
- Jeanne Crocker, Professional Development Director, Virginia Beach City Public Schools, VA

"Every one of our administrators and instructional coaches provided positive feedback for
Dr. Schacter's effective teaching workshops, which is unheard of!"

- Dr. Aubrey Wang, Director of Research & Evaluation, Philadelphia School District, PA

"Our teachers and administrators absolutely loved Dr. Schacter's effective instruction workshops!
Not only did he design a rigorous teacher evaluation instrument for our district, but teachers and administrators are eager to use it!"

- John Curtin, Assistant Superintendent, Greenwich School District, CT

"John's criteria for effective teaching and tools for how teachers and administrators can
continuously assess and improve their instruction has had a tremendous impact in our schools."

- Rob Bridges, Superintendent Muskegon Catholic School, MI

Praise for Dr. Schacter's Reading Comprehension Workshops

"It was awesome! The best hands on workshop I've been to in years."

- Teacher, Archdiocese of Indianapolis Schools, IN

"Loved the ideas that can be easily used in any classroom. The take home packet was great!"
- Teacher, Monterey Peninsula Unified School District, CA

"Your strategies created new brain pathways for me."

- Teacher, Omaha School District, NE

"This was a dynamic, high energy presentation that was extremely helpful! I can't wait to implement Dr. Schacter's strategies in my classroom."

- Teacher, Covington Elementary School, Los Altos, CA

"I loved viewing and discussing the videos of how other teachers used these strategies in
their classrooms."

- Teacher, Pocahontas County Schools, WV

"What a motivational speaker. We got to practice many of the strategies and I can't wait to go back and teach them!"

- Teacher, Mineral County Schools, WV

"Thank you for reawakening tried and true strategies for teaching my students how to understand
and enjoy what they read."

- Teacher, San Jose Unified School District, CA

"Very relevant workshop, lots of ideas for comprehension skills that I can use in my classroom.
Every teacher in our district needs Dr. Schacter's book."

- Teacher, Upshur County Schools, WV