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"The best teaching strategies in one small book. Marvelous!"

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Keyser, WV


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Writing Strategies


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The Master Teacher Series: Reading Comprehension
(Book) - $34.99

At last a book showing how America's most accomplished teachers teach their students how to understand what they read. Use these 30 scientifically proven comprehension strategies to increase your students' achievement and add variety to your language arts lessons.

The Master Teacher Series: Reading Comprehension
(2 DVD + Book) - $225.00

Learn over 30 scientifically proven reading comprehension strategies that increase students' achievement by 15 to 130 percent. This book is accompanied by 15 (10 minute) videos of master teachers implementing these approaches in their classrooms.

The Master Teacher Series: Reading Comprehension
(School Set) - $635.00

The school set includes 20 books and 2 DVDs with 15 (10 minute) videos. A great professional development resource for all teachers in your school! Read about, watch video examples from master teachers, and then implement proven reading comprehension strategies to increase your school's comprehension test scores.

The Master Teacher Series: Descriptive Writing
(Book) - $34.99

The Master Teacher Series Descriptive Writing
(Book + CD-ROM) - $86.95

Eliminate prep time by purchasing the book and CD-ROM, which includes over 300 Teacher PowerPoint slides to deliver all lessons, and a 70-page student workbook with all exercises, writing tasks, collaborative activities, and writing assessments. The CD-ROM is available for grades 2-to-5 only. Please specify your grade level.

The Master Teacher Series Descriptive Writing
(School Set) - $986.00

This package includes 20 books and 16 grade level specific CD-ROMs (4 for each grade level (2 through 5) with Teacher PowerPoint Slides and Student Workbooks). Infuse thinking and descriptive writing school wide with this curriculum! Listen as your students cheer for writing lessons, and develop descriptive paragraphs and essays that engage classmates and parents.

This book presents a three month curriculum, which integrates a variety of scientifically proven writing strategies that increase achievement from 13-to-86 percent. Use model texts, picture prompts, attribute charts, paragraph frames, and collaborative planning, editing and revising strategies to dramatically improve your student's writing performance today!